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Video Tutorials
Served Connection Guide
Hollow Braid Splice
Worm Knot Connection
Uni to Uni Connection
Albright Connection
Uni to Improved Clinch
Flourocarbon to Hollow Braid
Hollow Braid End Loop
Video Tutorials
Blackwater Braid Terminal Loop
Watch Duane Fukumoto, as he walks you through a braid terminal loop.
Blackwater Braid-to-Mono Splice
Watch Duane Fukumoto, as he walks you through connecting mono to a braid.
Kurt Dove and Toray
Watch Kurt Dove, professional angler, as he talks about Blackwater Fishing Lines and the benefits of Toray.
The "No-Knot" Knot
This connection allows you to retain 100% breaking strength of your line, and since there are no knots here, the connection flows seamlessly through your guides.